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Inspirational Stories: Wildlife rescue

Mission at sea 

One of our main missions at the Aquiles foundation is to bring awareness to the impact human actions have not only on our environment but on our wild life. This unfortunate sea lion was found with plastic wrapped around his neck, struggling to breath and barely holding on to life. The locals called the services of the Aquiles Foundation who with the assistance of our veterinarian cut him loose. The wounds around his neck were very severe and he was brought into our facility to be treated and recover. After a speedy recovery, this energetic and lovable sea lion was released back to his natural habitat. 


One step at a time 

Aquiles Foundation is committed to helping other organizations and sanctuaries that share our vision. This 70 year old elephant lived all of her life as part of a circus act and it was only recently that she was transferred to a sanctuary. The trauma and harm inflicted upon her was so significant that she is nearly blind and has lost all her teeth. Her legs still show the markings of were she was chained up. The trauma inflicted upon her was so great that she still walks and behaves as if she was still performing in the circus. Medical experts have stated that it will take her at least 3 years before she learns normal elephant behavior. We provide resources to aid in her recovery and transition into normal life. 


Making an unexpected friend 

Gabino the falcon was found badly hurt by one of our volunteers while they were out in the community. He was unable to fly, had several serious injuries and fractures. There was little hope that Gabino would make it the night, much less a week. However, with the love and care of our volunteers and veterinarian, Gabino made a miraculous recovery in three months. Sadly, the injuries Gabino experienced do not allow him to return to the wild. Not all news were bad for this little bird who quickly got adopted by our foundations president. Gabino is currently living his best life along his new friend.  

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Second Chance at Life 

This sea lion was found on the shores of the beach by tourists with a shark bite on his side. Our volunteers quickly jumped into action and stabilized him in order to transport him to our facility. He was treated, given antibiotics, and food. Three days later, he surprised us all by making a full recovery and returning to the ocean all on his own. This sea lion is still seen swimming around the shores full of energy and greeting passerby. 

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An Amazing Rescue

This poor owl and his family had made their home under a bridge in the streets of Puerto Penasco. The bridge caught fire, destroying their home and trapping them underneath. Our team quickly went into action trying to save the family. Unfortunately one of the siblings could not be saved in time. The other two owls were rescued and assessed for any wounds or damage. Once they hade recovered from the trauma, both owls were relocated to a safer location in the wild. 


Animal Advocate 

As of 2015, tigers have become an endangered species with only 3,948 mature individuals living in the wild. Aquiles Foundation has committed to advocating for their continued protection and preservation. Our volunteers help with the care and maintenance of these beautiful creatures. We also assist various sanctuaries transport and release tigers back into their natural habitat. Our foundation hopes we can continue being the voice not only for tigers but for all other animals that are currently endangered. 

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