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Aquiles Foundation 

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Aquiles Foundation 


Denys Sandoval 

Vice President 

Ruben Sandoval 



 Myriam Gastelum

Registered Nurse 


Dr.Erick Gastelum



Aquiles Foundation began with the single desire to sterilize stray dogs. Our mission quickly expanded as we began to see the greater need of not only other animals but of the community. Soon we were not only sterilizing dogs and cats but rescuing birds, seals, elephants and many other animals in life threatening situations. 


Our efforts have come to also include needy families in the Puerto Penasco area that do not have access to basic commodities. Volunteers provide these individuals with hot meals, basic hygiene products , and health services. 

At Aquiles Foundation we believe that educating our youth on the preservation of wildlife is of upmost importance. We teach our young volunteers respect for the world around them and what it means to make a difference in their community. 


Our Beginnings

Upon a visit to Puerto Penasco, Ruben Sandoval became aware of the overpopulation of stray dogs in the community. These dogs were often sick, undernourished, and full of fleas. Ruben then made it his personal mission to help these furry friends lead a better, healthy life and hopefully be adopted. With the help of his wife Denys Sandoval, the Aquiles Foundation was formed! After the start of this foundation in 2018, the amount of people and animals served has dramatically increased. 

Thanks to the efforts made by Ruben and Denys, the Aquiles Foundation has recieved recognition by  Puerto Penasco's Mayor Kiko Munrro.


Mission on Wheels 

Our team of volunteers are always read to leap into action! Many of our rescue missions involve on the spot medical attention and transportation. Our van is equipped with medical equipment and medicine for emergency rescues and transportation of injured animals.  

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The Aquiles Foundation provides support to international organizations with our same mission. Our support has reached many sanctuaries across the globe.

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